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Council Meetings


The Press and Public are welcome to attend all Council meetings and the Public may put questions or make statements on any matter in the public session at the commencement of each meeting. This is normally restricted to 15 minutes in total.

Meetings are usually held in The Guildhall, which has disabled access. For agendas and minutes please see the Committees section of this website.

To download a printable PDF Calendar of Meetings please click here


All meetings take place at 7pm unless otherwise indicated

Monday                       5 September 2016                  Environment and Open Spaces (10am)

Monday                       5 September 2016                  Lawrence House Management

Wednesday                 7 September 2016                  Finance & General Purposes

Thursday                     8 September 2016                  Planning and Economic Development

Tuesday                       13 September 2016                Tourism and TIC Management (10am)

Tuesday                       20 September 2016                Full Council

Thursday                     29 September 2016                Planning and Economic Development


Wednesday                 5 October 2016                       Finance & General Purposes 

Tuesday                       18 October 2016                     Full Council

Thursday                     20 October 2016                     Planning and Economic Development


Tuesday                       1 November 2016                   Tourism and Information Services (10am)

Wednesday                 2 November 2016                   Finance & General Purposes

Monday                       7 November 2016                   Estates and Properties (10am)

Thursday                     10 November 2016                 Planning and Economic Development

Tuesday                       15 November 2016                 Full Council

Tuesday                       15 November 2016                 AGM of Council as Trustee of Lawrence House Museum (after Full Council)


Thursday                     1 December 2016                  Planning and Economic Development

Monday                       5 December 2016                   Lawrence House Management

Wednesday                 7 December 2016                   Finance & General Purposes

Tuesday                       20 December 2016                 Full Council

Thursday                     22 December 2016                 Planning and Economic Development


Monday                       9 January 2017                        Estates and Properties (10am)

Tuesday                       10 January 2017                      Tourism and Information Services (10am)

Thursday                     12 January 2017                      Planning and Economic Development

Wednesday                 18 January 2017                      Finance & General Purposes

Tuesday                       24 January 2017                      Full Council


Thursday                     2 February 2017                      Planning and Economic Development

Tuesday                       21 February 2017                    Full Council

Tuesday                       21 February 2017                    Annual Meeting of the Council as the Burial Authority (after Full Council)

Thursday                     23 February 2017                    Planning and Economic Development


Monday                       13 March 2017                         Estates and Properties (10am) (date for this meeting has been rescheduled from 6th March)

Monday                       6 March 2017                         Lawrence House Management

Tuesday                       7 March 2017                        Tourism and Information Services (10am)

Wednesday                 15 March 2017                       Finance & General Purposes

Thursday                     16 March 2017                       Planning and Economic Development

Tuesday                       21 March 2017                       Full Council


Thursday                     6 April 2017                            Planning and Economic Development

Tuesday                       18 April 2017                          Full Council

Thursday                     20 April 2017                          Annual Town Meeting and Grants Presentation evening (6.30pm)

Thursday                     27 April 2017                          Planning and Economic Development

Good Friday 14 April, Easter Monday 17 April


Tuesday                       2 May 2017                             Tourism and Information Services (10am)

Wednesday                 3 May 2017                             Finance & General Purposes

Tuesday                       16 May 2017                           Annual Meeting of Launceston Town Council

Thursday                     18 May 2017                           Planning and Economic Development

Bank Holiday Mondays 1 and 29 May. Local Elections 4 May

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend all Full Council and Committee meetings. Meetings are generally wholly open to the public but there may occasionally be confidential matters to discuss, for example staffing matters, when the public and press will be asked to leave for that section of the meeting. The agendas will make it clear if there are any such items, and they are usually taken at the end of the meeting. If members of the public have specific issues to raise at a meeting it would be appreciated if they could notify the Town Clerk in advance.

Councillor Surgery Dates : As part of a market or at Tourist Information Centre (TIC):

Saturday 11 June 2016                                              Saturday 9 July 2016

Saturday 13 August 2016                                          Saturday 10 September 2016

Saturday 8 October 2016 (TIC)                                 Saturday 12 November 2016

Saturday 10 December 2016                                    Saturday 14 January 2017 (TIC)

Saturday 11 February 2017 (TIC)                              Saturday 11 March 2017

Saturday 8 April 2017                                               Saturday 13 May 2017



Agendas are set by the Town Clerk in liaison with the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen with "umbrella" responsibilities.  However any Councillor can request any item to be put on the Agenda.  This can be done informally either through the Town Clerk or Chairman, or formally, by means of a motion, as per the Town Council's Standing Orders (the Council's operating rules and regulations).

If, after discussion of an Agenda item, the Council decides that a Working Group should be formed to look at the matter in more detail then the membership and the remit of the Group will be agreed by the Council.  The membership of the Group can also include people who are not Councillors, but who have knowledge or expertise relevant to the subject matter.


The Minutes of the Council meetings are usually available 4 working days following the meeting, but are not council policy until they have been agreed and signed at the following meeting.  They are not a verbatim account of the Meeting but detail decisions reached and record the voting.  Minutes are available to the Public either via this website, or at the Town Clerk's office.  They are also circulated to the various local media organisations so that they can report on the issues via newspapers and radio.

Once a decision has been passed by the Council and a course of action identified, the work is organised and/or carried out by the Town Council's Executive Officer, the Town Clerk, who leads a team of staff.


Council Meeting Webpage Updated October 2016