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The Estates and Properties Committee was formed in 2016 - amalgamating the former Environment & Open Spaces Committee and the Properties Committee.

The Estate and Properties Committee deals with all properties and amenity service matters falling within the purview of Launceston Town Council, and the management and effective control of all budgets, including for:          

Launceston Town Hall and Guildhall, Launceston Cemetery, Dockacre closed cemetery, Allotments - Dutson, Grammers Park and Kensey Vale, Coach Park - Western Road, Multi-storey car park in Westgate Street, Public conveniences - Westgate Street, Race Hill, The Walk, Newport, War Memorial, Southgate Arch, The Roundhouse, Newport, The Bandroom (leased to Launceston Town Band), The Green Room (leased to LADS), Launceston Priory Ruins, Grammers Park and play area, King’s Field and play area, Stourscombe public open spaces, The Rest Garden, Newport, Windmill Wood, Public seats, Bus shelters, Other future devolved public services from Cornwall Council, Community/Environmental Enforcement, HASAW and Risk Management.

The Committee is responsible for establishing service policies, approving programmes of work, monitoring performance and taking decisions in respect of those matters detailed in the budget schedule and to provide reports on the implementation of service policies. The committee manages and reviews all arrangements within the town relating to services directly provided by the Town Council. The Committee makes recommendations to the Finance and General Purposes Committee regarding staffing requirements relating to the staff primarily engaged undertaking the Committee’s work.


Estates and Properties Agenda 6 August 2018

Estates and Properties Agenda 4 June 2018

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