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Updated September 2016

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Quarterly News From Launceston Town Council - Spring 2017

News from Launceston Town Council – May 2017

Following the local elections, 12 of the 16 Town Council seats were filled, with the remaining 4 seats considered under co-option at the Annual Meeting of the Council on 16 May. As we had  elections there was not a Mayor Choosing Ceremony as part of the Annual meeting, but there will be an Induction Ceremony for the new Mayor, who will be elected at the meeting in  16 May.  The Induction Ceremony will be held on 30 June.  At the ceremony there will be a presentation of Awards of Appreciation to Mrs Jean Matheson and Mrs Barbara Rowe.

The Annual Town Meeting  took place on 20 April.  The Mayor and councillors reported on the year’s activities and the Mayor thanked the many volunteers who kept the town alive through their gift of time and expertise.  The annual grant awards ceremony followed the Annual Town Meeting, where 26 local organisations were awarded grants of £300 each and a further £11,750 was awarded to another 10 projects, ranging  from the town CCTV to churchyards and the priory ruins.  In addition the Council gives a grant of £10,000 to the Lawrence House Museum each year.  The rest of the museum’s income comes from rent of a flat in the upper part of the house, other grants for specific purposes, support from the Friends of Lawrence House Museum and from donations from visitors.

Grant application forms for 2018 are available from the Town Council office and from the Council’s website.  All applications must be received by the end of September for consideration in November and for payment in April 2018.  The average grant is £300.To qualify for a grant, an organisation needs to be working for the benefit of the local community in some way.  The application can be for money towards a bigger project or for a specific item.

The new Town Guide was published in April.  It has been completely updated and is both good o look at as well as providing lots of useful information on the town and the surrounding area. The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) team led on the project of pulling all of the information together as well as selling the advertising space which paid for the Guide.  We had a wonderful response from local businesses and would like to thank all those who advertised for their support.  Copies of the Guide are available from the TIC, Town Hall and a number of other outlets around town.   The Guide is published for the benefit of local residents and visitors so please do pick up a copy and support the businesses in it. 


The Council has agreed a contractor to supply us with a brand new website, and work on this has just started. The new site will still provide you with all the relevant information regarding the works of the Town Council but will be more modern and user friendly. We are still some way from the completed site, but when it is up and running, please give us your views and let us know of any improvements you think we need to make or you would like to see.


The Council had the privilege of welcoming the Gorsedh to the town on 22 April, where at a ceremony in the Town Square the Gorsedh Proclamation was made that this year the Gorsedh Kernow 

Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture will be held in Launceston from Wednesday 30 August to Sunday 3 September. The Gorsedh  promotes and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity and Celtic heritage.  Festival events usually include a Book Fair, a one-day conference, a ceilidh, a concert, a bi-lingual Sunday Evensong and the opportunity to try out a bit of the Cornish language for yourself.


On Gorsedh Saturday, the impressive ceremony  of Bards will parade through the town before arriving at Castle Green, overlooked by the castle itself. The Green will be full of colourful stalls offering Cornish crafts, foods and drink, information on local organisations and societies and you can also learn about Cornwall’s native language, Kernewek.  


The Gorsedh event links in to the centenary celebrations of Launceston’s famous son, Charles Causley who himself was a Cornish Bard.  This years Annual Charles Causley Festival will be an especially significant and joyous ‘centenary’ one to mark  100 years since the birth of Charles Causley on 24 August 1917, in a small cottage by the River Kensey. The Festival will take place from Thursday 1 to Monday 5 June, in and around the town although there will also be some special activities on dates outside this period. The Centenary Festival’s programme is available from the Tourist Information Centre, Town Hall and shops and businesses throughout the town.  


As always, there is lots going on at the Town Hall, including

Sunday 4th June: Wennie and Jago’s Giant Adventure. A heart warming tale featuring custom made puppets, dance, music and storytelling, with a puppetry workshop

Sunday 18th June: Basic Defibrillator Use. (2pm – 4pm FREE, Organised by Launceston Voluntary First Aid Service, Anyone who has recently had a defibrillator installed in your local parish hall / shop / phone box etc – come along to this session to learn the basics and get the confidence to use it)

Wednesday 21st June: Annual NSPCC Lunch

Saturday 24th June: ‘LEGEND The Bob Marley Experience’. (Full live 7 piece band. Tickets £15 from TIC)

Wednesday 5th July: ‘Picturing the Mines’ A showcase of Artworks created with local communities by artists Nernard Irwin and Jesse Leroy Smith as they journeyed through the mining landscapes of Cornwall and West Devon.

Friday 7th July: FLIC: Bringing Cinema to Launceston

Saturday 8th July: Fiery as Angels: Charles Causley in Song

Thursday 13th July: Dante Festival

Friday and Saturday 14th & 15th July: McQueen’s Musical Mash-Up (Summer Musical Production)

Saturday 15th July: All Gauges Model Railway Exhibition

Friday 21st July: The Mandolin Orchestra of Devon plus guest Choirs

Saturday 22nd July: Line Dance with Dave Sheriff

Saturday 29th July: Live Pride Pro Wrestling

Friday 4th August: FLIC – Brining Cinema to Launceston

Saturday 5th & 6th August: LADS ‘Play in a Day’ open to anyone under 18 to come along and put on a play, in just one day!

Plus our regular and always popular events  Popchoir, Zumba, Pilates Fusion, Drumstick Aerobics, Oksigen Theatre and Access Theatre.


Your local town councillor can be contacted for help, guidance or information on any issues which concern you.  Councillors can be contacted through the Town Council office, telephone 01566 773693 or email      Your councillors are: Brian Hogan, Margaret Young,  Val Bugden-Cawsey, John Conway, Dave Gordon, John Harris,  Brian Keighley,  Anna Mitchell,  Jane Nancarrow,  Paul O’Brien,  Tony Sandercock and Rob Tremain.  At the time of writing there  are currently four vacancies to be filled by co-option at the Annual Meeting of the Council.


Councillor surgeries  are held on the second Saturday of the month, as part of the town market.