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The Committee considers all planning applications in the town and makes recommendations for approval or refusal to the Planning Committee of Cornwall Council. The Committee’s terms of reference include Town Centre management, the Town Square and associated events and liaison with the Chamber of Commerce, to maximise the Town Council’s role in influencing the further development of the town.

The Planning Committee agreed to support an online petition to demand a 'Fit-for-Purpose' Cornwall Planning Policy. Please click here for a link to the petition.



Planning Agenda 20 September 2017

Planning Agenda 30 August 2017

Planning Agenda 10 August 2017

Planning Agenda 20 July 2017

Planning Agenda 29 June 2017

Planning Agenda 8 June 2017         Planning papers 8 June 2017

Planning Agenda 18 May 2017

Planning Agenda 27 April 2017

Planning Agenda April 2017

Planning (Plus Papers) April 2017

Planning Agenda March 2017

Planning Agenda February 2017

Planning (Plus Papers) February 2017

Planning Agenda January 2017

Planning (Plus Papers) January 2017

Planning Agenda  December 2016

Planning (Plus Papers) December 2016

Planning November 2016

Planning (Plus Papers) November 2016

Extraordinary Meeting of the Planning and Economic Development Committee Thursday November 3rd 2016