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The Future of Launceston


The Town Framework Steering Group led by Cornwall Council are currently developing strategies for the expansion of Launceston to 2030 to meet future employment and housing needs.
These strategies broadly reflect the current (and anticipated) national economic situation and policies, emerging policies developed under the authority of the Localism Act and aspirations of the local community including those areas abutting the towns boundaries.

At present the advantages of having a neighbourhood plan and the possibility of its development is being explored by the Planning and Economic Development Committee. Further information should be available be the end of 2012.

As the Town Council has already agreed in its Strategic Plan (from 2011 – 2016), “To maintain a coherent view of the Towns long-term future” it seems timely for the Town Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee to take a view as to the Towns future development; this to enable recommendations to be made to the full Council as to what policies it should adopt and pursue.

As with other strategies we cover the period up to 2030.

We set out below a summary of the aspirations which it is believed will enjoy local support at the same time as having a positive impact on the future growth of the town. We believe they should also underpin the aspirations and objectives of the various stakeholders both within and outside the town.
This document takes an overarching approach. It therefore is not site specific as more detailed aspects will be considered in other documents, e.g. Cornwall Council Core Strategy and/or local Plans.

We start from the basic premise that:-
The Town Council should be instrumental in co-ordinating and leading the future development of the town


Vision for Launceston